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White Storks

Title: Courtship
Subject: White Storks in courtship display
Medium: Oil on canvasboard
Size: 29' x 21' (framed size)
Price: SOLD

This painting was purchased by a lady in the Netherlands who owns a white stork information centre, there are many wild and free flying storks in the centre, but Jeannet Zwiers bought a white stork from a zoo in Germany and wanted to re-release it back into the wild, but had to get permission to do so, so far this permission has not been granted!
Please click on the PDF to see Jeannet's latest appeal.




A Prize winning painting!
I am delighted to announce that my painting entitled 'Courtship' featuring a pair of White Storks has been awarded a prize at the UK based National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, (NEWA) by Wildscapes Magazine.

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