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Title: King Henry
Subject: Peacock
Medium: Oil on panel
Size: 25.5" x 23.5"
Price: £3600

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To paint my version of William Holbein's portrait of King Henry VIII, I combined my love of peacocks with that iconic image.
Peacocks are so opulent, their tail feathers decadent palettes of iridescent grandeur that evoke the luscious fashions of Tudor royalty.
Even peacock legs mirror the shiny stockinged calves of male gentry. Here was a king half in the public eye, but also in the shadows with broken relationships, deceit, lust, betrayal, menace, and power.
To convey this duality, I placed the peacock half in light and half in darkness. The leaves represent Henry's six wives, the leaf litter the destruction, and the creeping mosses the followers and admirers who sold their souls to do the King's bidding.


"King Henry" was selected for the 2010 Birds in Art Exhibition, and US tour.
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