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Kingfisher painting

Title: Kingfisher
Subject: Kingfisher (Sri Lankan)
Medium: Oil on panel
Size: 10" x 12"
Price: £450 (framed)

Original painting available to purchase via The Bare Wall Gallery

Giclee Prints

During my visit to Sri Lanka I was very surprised and delighted to see the Common Kingfisher, (Latin Name- Alcedo atthis) which is exactly the same species that we in Europe are used to seeing, the only difference I could see was the fact that these birds aren't as "fluffed up" as ours, but that is only due to the considerable difference in climate temperatures.
As with most of Sri Lanka's wildlife, they were fairly tame, giving me the opportunity to get reasonably close to them, therefore allowing me to capture some beautiful photographs, ideal for my detailed paintings.

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