Steven Lingham, fine art - wildlife artist

Steven Lingham

Artist’s Statement

'I am constantly trying to develop my work, by pushing the boundaries as an artist, to master my medium and as a result I'm intending to paint more lavish and stylish pieces that incorporate birds and animals within their natural habitat, but paint movement, light and atmosphere within these pieces'.

'I want to show people how beautiful the world is, to evoke emotion and go beyond people's imagination by showing the humblest of every day objects or birds/animals for what they really are, often stunningly beautiful'.

'By painting wildlife I am making people aware of its existence, and giving the viewer a rare chance to really appreciate all the beautiful species that we have in our countryside'.

'My aim is to bring the viewer of my work close to the subject, to see a moment in time. I like to portray my subjects as they really are in the wild, perhaps passing through a scene that I have already chosen to paint. The appearance of the animal or bird becomes an added bonus'.


Steven Lingham is a self-taught artist, based in Yorkshire.
He was born in Derby but spent most of his life living in the Vale of York.
After a number of years working in the printing industry, and due to the escalating and ever demanding popularity of his paintings, Steven decided to make his life-long hobby into a full-time career in 2003, and since doing so his reputation and skills have gained tremendously.

Steven simply loves to paint, wether it be wildlife, still life or portraits, it's the challenge to excel himself that drives his passion for his art, initially much inspired by contemporary realist wildlife artists. Steven has also found great inspiration in masters such as Millais, Vermeer and Caravaggio, where the combination of light and detail plays heavily to create beautiful art.

Steven's passion for British birds is evident as the majority his portfolio contains the subject.

He has used a variety of painting media - acrylics, gouache and the occasional pencil drawing, but has finally settled upon oils, which allow him to attain vibrancy in colour and texture. Steven is renowned for the meticulous attention to detail in his paintings, and although can be very labour intensive his work is still rich with light, atmosphere and beauty.

His work can be found in many private collections worldwide, including in the UK, Europe, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and North America.

Although Steven is not too concerned with entering art competitions, over the years he has won a number of awards, and had his work selected for inclusion in the prestigious Birds in Art exhibition and tour for 2010 at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin, USA, which is arguably the World's most highly regarded wildlife art exhibition.

In 2008 Steven was invited to become a patron of Raptor Rescue, a UK based charity which rehabilitates birds of prey.

Steven hosts his annual exhibitions every November in his old home town of Selby with his good friend, landscape artist Neil Spilman.
The exhibitions are always very well attended and make a worthwhile visit.
But if you can't wait until November comes around, Steven's work can be seen in a few carefully selected galleries across the country, please navigate to the Events page for more details.



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