Steven Lingham, fine art - wildlife artist

Barn Owl

Title: Silent Night (The Reluctant Owl)
Subject: Barn Owl
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 21.5" x 30.5"
Price: SOLD

When I created this painting, I wanted it to look as though it would have been an illustration within an old children's/folk lore storybook.
The fact that the barn owl is asleep, all shrugged up with it's back turned against the moon, when it would be more likely to be hunting on such a clear moonlit night.
I feel it was quite a brave step to take, painting a large piece using only blues, yellows and greens to create a moonlit painting, but I feel as though it gives an "antiqued charm", which enhances my story book idea.
Who knows, I may even write a story to go with it!

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